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Church Acoustics

Churches and places of worship suffer from some of the most common and persistent acoustic problems. With their tall ceilings and large windows, excess echoes and reverb can be a problem. Unless they are treated properly, these acoustic shortcomings will affect the churches overall sound, making speech unintelligible and music muddled.

Acoustimac has several easy to install acoustic treatment options which can help solve common problems with church acoustics. We build affordable yet elegant church acoustic panels in different sizes and colors to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our wall acoustic treatment panels are built from the best acoustic material available to ensure the clearest church sound, allowing your church audio system to perform at it’s maximum potential.

Church Acoustic Treatment Audio Visual Demonstration

*Sound effect for the above audiovisual demonstration is simulated.

Every acoustic panel or sound absorber we sell is hand-made with great attention to detail and the highest craftsmanship standards. Acoustimac is one of the few acoustic treatment manufacturers to offer ACOUSTIC ART PANELS. Our Stock Image Art Gallery contains an entire category of images which compliment any place of worship.

We also provide acoustic panels for use in studios, theaters, schools and conference rooms. For inquiries, please call 1-888-827-1266. Our advice is always free. So don’t hesitate to give a call or send us an email. We will be glad to help you find the best solutions for your church acoustics issues without breaking your bank account.

See what our Church customers have to say:

Television Broadcast Studio Acoustics – Christian Television Studio

“I would recommend Acoustimac to anyone. With no knowledge at all on how to sound proof our broadcast studio I searched the web for information and vendors. The guys at Acoustimac were not only the most cost-effective but took us step my step through the entire process. With their “always available” expertise and excellent product line we were able to sound proof the studio in a day.

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Church Acoustics – Tillson Hall St. Johnn’s Church

“Our church has a large hall (the original sanctuary), which is being used for multi purpose functions. The problem has always been the horrible acoustics. The problems rendered it nearly unusable; spoken voice was unintelligible, recorded and live music was unpleasant, children playing could not be tolerated. Investigating solutions led us to Acoustimac.

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Church Acoustics – Sylva Presbyterian Church

Although we haven’t received a written testimonial from our friends at Sylva Presbyterian Church, they were kind enough to send us some wonderful photos of our panels set up in their beloved church.
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Church Acoustics – Westminster Presbyterian Church

“The staff at Acoustimac was very helpful and informative. They assisted us in every step of our project, from helping us calculate the number of panels needed, to tips on mounting them. The panels arrived on time and were of excellent quality. The entire church is happy with the result.”

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Church Acoustics – Newland Presbyterian Church

“I will send three pictures, one before and two after. We are so pleased. They look great and have changed the sound quality of the room so dramatically. We should have done this years ago.” Read More

Church Acoustics – Harvest Bible Chapel

“Thanks for the awesome products.  The quality exceeded our expectations and we were able to lower the ambient decibels in the room almost 20dB. We had a major issue with the 250 to 500 MHz range with a RT60 of 2.13. We were able to keep the room live but reduce the problem frequency to 1.25 to 1.63 seconds.  Everyone who uses the room is very pleased with the results.  We can not wait to receive the next order to see the improvement in the next room.  You have found a repeat customer in Harvest Bible Chapel Davenport.”.

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Church Acoustics – Iglesia El Faro

“It was indeed a privilege to do business with Sal of Acoustimac.  He was so very helpful in giving the data for the space we needed to fill in our new church building. In the metal building, with sheet-rock walls inside, speaking one to the other was hardly intelligible.  The music and word spoken through microphones literally bounced off the walls.We were given the maximum and minimal number of panels it would take to address this horrible acoustical problem.   We bought 44 panels 4′ X 8′ and decided to go with three different colors.  We have a 4′ X 8′ 3-D Mural on our wall so everything had to coordinate with the colors in the picture.  We chose the suede fabric in Khaki for the wall around the mural to bring out the lower terrain.

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School Acoustics – Antioch High School

Dear Mr. Tazi,Thank you for delivering us such fantastic sound panels.  We had tried unsuccessfully to order from one of your competitors (READYACOUSTICS) for over a year.  Your panels were delivered promptly and look and work fantastic in our high school band room.
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Church Acoustics – Redwood Covenant Church

“When we built this facility in 2003, we were told that we would need to treat the acoustics of the worship center.  However, due to finances, we were unable to do this and have been living with a challenging and poor acoustic environment since then.  We were told to anticipate spending $25,000 to treat the room properly, something we just could not afford to do. In 2008, we had an acoustic consultant tell us that we would need to spend up to $9 to $23 per square foot for panels to make the room behave properly for our purposes.   Again we were unable to find the finances to do this since our room is so large (8000 sf). Read More

Church Acoustics – The Episcopal Church Center

“We have installed the ECO ACM-422 panels in two of our conference rooms, and are very happy with the results. They look very nice, are easy to install, and the price is excellent.  The quality of the sound in the conference rooms is much improved, particularly on conference calls, and the sound transference outside the conference room is markedly improved too. We are very satisfied customers, and have placed a further order for 2 more of our conference rooms.”
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