Products Used: Donovan Audio Design used our Mineral Wool 1260 Acoustic Insulation, along with our DMD and Castielle Suede Acoustic fabrics to custom build an acoustic treatment tailored to the church hall’s exact specifications. He also used some of our finished products such as the ACM422 and ACM222 finished Acoustic panels in the same suede fabric he used for his custom built treatment, as well as various custom size frames for this project.

Customer’s Reaction: We weren’t able to get any comments directly from the staff at 1st Baptist Church of Brandon, however Donovan Audio Design is very happy with the materials and products they purchased from us for this project and continue to use our materials in all their acoustical treatment projects.

Conclusion and Results: The folks at the 1st Baptist Church are very satisfied with his results, Joey is very happy with the prices he got from us as a dealer and our dedicated level of service and quality. Not only did the panels blend perfectly into the space’s decor, they performed above and beyond expectations. Not to mention the fact that he was able to match his custom builds with the finished panels he ordered.

Donovan Audio Case Study