Topic: Professional Office Acoustics and Decor: Various Office Halls and Conference Rooms

Subject: Gwendolyn Strouss, Novogradac & Company LLP CPA : San Francisco CA.

Subject Description: Novogradac & Company LLP is a national certified public accounting and consulting firm, operating out of San Francisco, CA. with offices in several states. They offer audit, tax and consulting services to thousands of customers nationwide and have a long distinguished track record of service excellence. Gwendolyn Strouss, one of their administrative staff at their main office in San Francisco, (and one of my personal favorite customers to work with) was tasked with acquiring a form of custom printed acoustic treatment panel which would feature high resolution photography from several of their many projects.

Being a high end accounting firm with such a distinguished clientele, Gwen not only needed acoustic panels that would work effectively, but they needed to look really good as well.

Products Used: Gwen chose the ART422 Custom Art Panels for one of her office conference rooms in San Francisco. She sent the photos she wanted printed, and as we always do for custom Art Panels, we sent her a fold guide of the image, showing where the image would be cropped, centered and folded. After a few more minor adjustments at Gwen’s request, the pre-press images were ready to go to print.

Customer’s Reaction: Gwen and her staff were very happy with the sound panels they ordered. They were so pleased with how they work and look, that her company had her order another several dozen over time, getting some for each one of the their satellite offices. Gwen even took the time to review this case study, gave it her blessing and even provided some great photos of their spaces accented by our art panels. (Thanks Gwen!)

Novogradac Case Study