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Acoustics in Action - Home Theaters

  1. July 08, 2020

    Home Theater Acoustics - Aaron Tarlton

    Their products are made of high quality materials, well assembled and reasonably priced. The mounting kits are easy to use and install. They look fantastic, I've received numerous positive comments on them from visitors and customers alike.

    But most importantly they work! Acoustic room treatments are a critical part of treating a room to get the best quality sound possible from your system, and unfortunately are overlooked by most people. Acousticmac has an inventory of sizes, colors and fabrics to fit any decor or budget. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve the sound quality of their home theater or 2ch reference listening space. Enjoy the music...

    - Suwanee, Georgia

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  2. July 07, 2020

    Home Theater Acoustics - Gene Dillhaunty

    Thought you would like to see how our 21 panel project turned out. We ceiling mounted 19 panels in the kitchen-dining room. What a difference!! No echo - when there's a crowd of people all talking at once, conversations are easily understood. Before the panels, it was so noisy that it was difficult to understand what a person was saying. And the panels look great - we get lots of compliments on how they add an architectural feature to the room. We mounted 2 panels above our TV viewing area. Again - before the panels we had difficulty understanding TV dialog (sound bar to enhance dialog had not helped). Now with just the 2 panels installed, echo is gone, TV dialog is clear and easy to understand. Thanks for your help.

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  3. July 07, 2020

    Home Theater Acoustics - Barney Kahn

    I'd like to share with anyone who may be interested in my experience with the products I bought from Acoustimac. First, let me share with you the review I just wrote for Trustpilot. "The five acoustic panels purchased for my audio system is by far one of the best audio upgrades I've had when compared to the money spent. Imaging, clarity, expression in voice and instruments are now on par with some of the best audio presentations I've ever experienced." Needless to say, I'm very happy those panels are in my home. Even though I picked a very simple charcoal color, the $350 investment makes my white barren great room look more like a media room. Not like a real fancy media room of course, but for only $350, the panels do give me more of a sense that I'm walking into a very serious home theatre, rather than just a room with a audio system installed. I have to thank Eric Harris helping me with the purchase over the phone, and for sending me the installation video that helped demonstr

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  4. July 07, 2020

    Home Theater Acoustics - Brad Barone

    Hey Sean, wanted to touch base on our custom panels -- we love them! Thought you'd like to see some shots of our finished product. I throw you guys regular shout-outs when showing them off. Thanks again for being so helpful in the editing process.

    Brad Barone - Massillion, Ohio
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  5. July 07, 2020

    Home Theater Acoustics - Gary Elliot

    These panels made a big difference in my rec room. Music sounds better, conversations are clearer and they look nice.

    Gary Elliott - Naples, FL -
    We always appreciate customer feedback and are especially grateful when they share their projects with us. If you want to share your own project with us to be published on our website, feel free to email them to us at: [email protected]
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  6. December 19, 2015

    Home Theater Acoustics - Frank

    "When I moved into a new place, there was a basement room available for me to make a man cave media room. However, the acoustics sounded like you really WERE in a cave! The first thing I did was suspend 2'x2'x4" bass traps (covered in Castielle suede) from the ceiling in the upper trihedral corners. The back of the traps are only partially covered, so they can absorb sound reflected from the corners as well as sound coming from the front."
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  7. April 30, 2015

    Home Theater Acoustics - Neilson Eznack

    "When I first thought about getting acoustic panels, I knew I needed to kill the echo in my 30x15 Home theater/Media room. I also knew I needed to have something that was safe. At the time no company was offering a Eco option. I searched around on the Internet and found many many great companies but all were very expensive.
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  8. April 30, 2015

    Home Theater Acoustics - George Ortiz

    "Just recently, I decided to complete a long time dream of building a real home theater. I spent hours designing and analyzing the space for line of sight distance reflections and aesthetics with a blank slate. I spent time online and in local theater stores looking at sound treatments and bass traps. Most of what I’ve found was online retailers who create ‘cookie cutter’ solutions and tried to show me why their solution was the best out of the box for home theater acoustics. Then I stumbled upon Acoustimac through Google and decided to call to see why their prices were so low, and what the difference was. . .
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  9. April 30, 2015

    Home Theater Acoustics - Mark Kaminsky

    "I was hoping to hear some improvements, but I could not believe just how much these helped! I have to say that I am officially a firm believer in room treatments!"
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  10. April 30, 2015

    Home Theater Acoustics - DeWayne Iverson

    Hi there, I just wanted to say that after installing the the BT-4000C Suede Bass Traps and a BT –6000C Suede Bass Trap I was truly stunned at the improvement in my home theater! I have a big, problematic, open space multi purpose room and have been fighting a bass boom problem for about year now. . .
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