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Why choose Acoustimac for your acoustic treatment needs?
• Excellent Build Quality
• Fast Turnaround
• BBB A Rating
• Money-Back Guarantee
• Handmade in the U.S.A.
• Free Class-A fire rating
• Lowest price, Highest quality
• Widest color variety
• Eco friendly Materials
• Free Installation hardware
• Fast, Affordable shipping
• Knowledgeable support staff

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Acoustic Panels with the highest sound absorption, at the lowest prices:

We started Acoustimac because as musicians, audiophiles, and dedicated music lovers ourselves, we know the importance of acoustical treatment in making the room sound just right. Like you, we were astonished at how expensive treating a room is, that is why we made it our mission to design the most effective sound panels and bass traps, made out of the best Acoustic materials available. We offer the lowest prices around, without sacrificing performance.

Need Advice on Sound Proofing and Acoustical Treatment Materials?

If you have questions, we have answers. Send us an Email or Call us at 1-888-827-1266. Our consultants are available to offer you advice on how to best treat your project space. Our acoustical materials, panels, bass traps and soundproofing products can work for virtually any application where noise reduction and echo absorption is needed:

Sound Control for the most Sophisticated Listeners:

Acoustic panels and bass traps can be the most important pieces to a perfect sounding room. Whether it is a home theater, home studio, office, church or even your living room, having the right acoustical treatment plays the most important role as to how the room sounds. Without them, the nicest living room can sound like a warehouse, and the most expensive high fidelity system can fall quite short of expected performance.

So strategically placing your sound equipment in a room is simply not enough; you still need deploy sound absorption materials in the right places for your space to sound its best and that your speakers can produce the quality sound they were meant to produce. You can hire a local company, (which would cost thousands of dollars), or you can take advantage of the proven, cost effective methods and products we offer. Let us transform your space into a perfect sounding room. All the acoustic materials you need are right here under one roof. Whether it’s for your home theater, home studio, church, or conference room, Acoustimac has it.

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