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Acoustic Panels, Bass Traps & Acoustic Materials
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Office Acoustics

Offices and Conference rooms often suffer from poor acoustics. Glass windows, metallic objects and hard surfaces can make a conference room sound noisy, and reverb and echoes can really be a problem for the larger rooms. Fortunately Acoustimac has you covered! We offer such a wide variety of surfaces for our acoustic treatment products, you're sure to find a perfect match for your office decor. With over 100 different colors and textures including our Executive, and Deco collections which are ideal for office and corporate environments. Visit our sample center to get samples of our different collections of fabric.

Office Conference Room Acoustics Audio Visual Demonstration

*Sound effect for the above audiovisual demonstration is simulated.

Acoustically treating an office space doesn't have to be a major expense, talk to one of our friendly service reps if you need any advice. If you want your company logo or slogan on your panels and bass traps, our custom printed AcousticART products are just what you're looking for. We also offer several categories of images in our stock image art gallery which can really accentuate any office space. And if you want to add motivational messages to any image you see in our gallery, we have an on staff graphic design department ready to help you for excellent rates.

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    Office Acoustics - Realtime Marketing Group

    "I purchased the ECHOBLOCK Acoustic Baffle Panels- 48"x24"x1" in December. I have a 1200 sq. ft. ...

    Published or updated on:2015-04-29 21:15:42

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    Broadcast Studio Acoustics - Land Line Now Radio, on Sirius Satellite Radio

    In our facility, we have produced a daily radio show for over six years in what basically was a ...

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    Church and Office Acoustics - The Episcopal Church Center

    "We have installed the ECO ACM-422 panels in two of our conference rooms, and are very happy wi...

    Published or updated on:2015-04-25 21:03:47