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Restaurant Acoustics

Are your customers enjoying their experience at your restaurant? Most folks go to restaurants for two reasons: The food and the Ambiance. Your food may be a delectable gourmet, but if your restaurant is too noisy for your customers to enjoy themselves, you've only won half the battle. Also if you include music with your dining experience, acoustics are a major factor to consider. Scroll below and see what other restaurant owners have to say about the awesome improvements our acoustic panels have brought to them. Your customers wont believe their ears, and you wont believe the price.

Restaurant Acoustics Audio Visual Demonstration

*Sound effect for the above audiovisual demonstration is simulated.

With our selection of DMD, Suede and our deluxe Executive and Decorative fabrics, as well as our amazing acoustic art panels, they'll add to your decor while improving your restaurant's ambiance. Our stock art gallery has an entire category of images perfect for restaurants, pizzerias, Italian eateries, dinner theaters, traditional and modern American diners and steak houses.

See what our Restaurant customers have to say:

  • Featured Image

    Restaurant Acoustics - Kanji Steakhouse and Sushi

    "Since Kanji Steakhouse and Sushi opened in 2007, we've won rave reviews and loyal customers. Ou...

    Published or updated on:2015-04-29 21:22:47

  • Featured Image

    Restaurant Acoustics - Taste Of Thai Restaurant

    The price was the lowest compared to other web sites. The result was amazing! I never have any ...

    Published or updated on:2015-04-29 21:21:27

  • Featured Image

    Restaurant Acoustics - Redstone Pub and Grill

    Although we haven't received a written testimonial from our friends at Redstone Pub and Grill, th...

    Published or updated on:2015-04-29 21:19:57

  • Featured Image

    Restaurant Acoustics - D'Vine Jazz and Wine

    "We had a horrible echo as you remember when you were on the phone with me. We mounted all of th...

    Published or updated on:2015-04-29 21:18:35