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Acoustimac Acoustic Treatment and Sound Control Product Categories

Acoustimac Acoustical and Soundproofing Product Categories

Acoustimac offers among the widest varieties of noise control and acoustic treatment products on the web such as acoustic panels, which are ideal for wall and ceiling treatment for mid-to-high frequency reflections, and bass traps, which offer high levels of absorption all across the frequency spectrum, including bass. Below you can see all of our catalog's main categories, starting with our Finished Acoustic Products , continuing with Acoustic Materials, Accessories and Hardware, and ending with our Soundproofing section.


Keep in mind most of the acoustical products in the categories listed below perform mostly the same. The most important distinctions to make are the Core material and the product thickness. We offer three types of industry standard core materials such as Owens Corning Mineral wool and Owens Corning 7 Series and our own Eco Cellulose Cores. The thickness of our products ranges from 1" to 2" acoustic panels. The 2" variety absorbs more mid to low range frequencies and is generally considered a better product. We also offer Bass Traps in 4" to 6" thicknes, where the 6" absorbs more bass than 4" or anything thinner, so we generally consider the 6" to be the best performing.

Acoustic Panel & Bass Trap Frames

Starting at: $14.95