Acoustic Panels, Bass Traps & Acoustic Materials

Acoustic Panels

Placing Acoustic Panels on walls or ceilings is the best way to eliminate echo, reverb and reduce overall ambient noise in any room. Common sound issues are caused mostly by sound waves reflecting off walls. Therefore strategically placing acoustical panels on your known reflection points will not only effectively clean up the sound in the room, but the right amount will eliminate all echo and noise issues. With over 100 colors to choose from and virtually unlimited possibilities with our full color graphic image printing, your acoustic treatment will not only take care of your sound issues, but add extra flair and style to your space's decor.

Our sound Acoustic Panels are not used for soundproofing and will not stop sound from traveling from one room to the next, however they make it less potent, and the less noisy the room itself is, the less noisy it will be outside.