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Acoustimac DIY424 Bass Trap Kit

Acoustimac DIY424 Bass Trap Kit

Acoustimac DIY414 Bass Trap Kit

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Acoustimac Do-It-Yourself Bass Trap Kit Includes Core, Frame and Fabric. Backing and mounting hardware option available. Frame Size : 48" x 12" x 4"
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Do it yourselfers REJOICE! Acoustimac now offers Do-it-yourself Bass Trap kits containing all the components needed to build your own bass traps with a quality far superior than other DIY solutions. Each kit contains a pre-cut measure of your choice of fabric, one of our premium wooden frames and your choice of one of three insulation cores and optional backing and mounting hardware. ● Over 50 fabric styles and colors to choose from ● One of three insulation cores to choose from. ● Great for when you need quality acoustics on a shoestring budget.

DIY Kit Upholstery Instruction Video

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