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Acoustimac BT-2600 Suede-Executive Bass Trap 24

Acoustimac BT-2600 Suede-Executive Bass Trap 24"X24"X6"

Acoustimac BT-4100 Suede-Executive Bass Trap 48

Acoustimac BT-4100 Suede-Executive Bass Trap 48"X12"X4"

Acoustimac BT-2400C Suede-Executive Corner Bass Trap 24"X24"X4"

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Acoustimac BT-2400C Corner Bass Trap 24"x24"x4"
Used to control and clean up low frequencies, our Bass Traps will help to keep bass from being too "boomy" or "muddy".

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Our corner bass traps are the perfect solution for corner mounting. They fit in perfeclty with no fuss. Great space saver option as they fit flush in the wall corner without sticking out.

Packed with 4" deep of the best acoustic material available and wrapped in beautiful designer fabric, this bass trap is one of the best values out there. Measuring 24" tall, 24" wide and x 4" thick. It absorbs super well at low frequencies and is equally good for the rest of the spectrum. They can be easily hung with our Z-clips or just placed on the floor against room corners. We guarantee you will love the way these bass traps will clear and tighten up your sound.

They can also be used as high frequency absorption acoustic panels.

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Product Technical Specifications

NRC Rating for Acoustimac 4 inch thick bass traps

Download PDF: Acoustic Panel Certified Fire Rating Test Results



Corner Bass Trap Installation

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Z-Clip Panel installation

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Weight (Lbs.) 12.000000