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Custom Size Acoustic Panels


Need acoustical panels larger than a 4'x2'? Maybe you are looking for a 4'x4' or a 8'x1', or a 6'x2'. Whatever the case may be, you're in the right place!.
Acoustimac can make custom size sound panels, from 1'x1', all the way up to 8'x4'. Read the instructions below, then click on the above banner to begin.

What you need to know before ordering

  • What size panel you would like to have made: All measurements must be supplied in Imperial; Feet as (') or (ft.), and Inches as (") or (in.). We can work with measurements that include fractions of an inch. Allowed fractions and decimals include instances or multiples of: half (.5), quarter (.25), eighth and sixteenth (express as fraction only).
  • What thickness you would like your panel to be: If you're not sure which thickness to choose, we recommend 2" for most applications, 4" or thicker if you're dealing with a lot of low frequencies (bass). 1" Thickness is available, but we advise 2" instead, as the price difference is minimal and the performance increase is significant. Feel free to use the contact below if you have any questions.

Once you know what size and thickness you would like, click the graphic or banner above, or click here to configure and order your panel online. The following screen will ask you what size and thickness you would like for your panels, as well as other options. Standard sizing is based on price scales in 12 inch increments. Intermediate sizes cost the same as the next standard size up. The custom sizing option allows you to specify intermediate sizes, but the size specified must be smaller than the size selected by the length and width drop-down, and there is a customization fee. Please use only the allowed fractions indicated in step 1 when entering your custom size. Custom sizes may affect your order's lead time. Other selectable options include: core type, mountin hardware and edge profile. More details about these options can be found in the option choice's descriptions.

Once you're done choosing all the product's options, add the product to your cart, and you're all set! You can check out or continue shopping to add more items to your shopping cart. As always, feel free to call us or use the contact form below if you have any questions

You can also use the form below to contact our product development department by selecting SALES INQUIRIES and describe your desired product.
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