Products Used: Mr. Yang contacted acoustimac for advice on how to acoustically treat his restaurant to tame crowd and ambient noise. Using dimensions, floor plans and photos he supplied, we were able to conduct an analysis of the restaurant’s acoustical properties and made a recommendation as to how much acoustical material he would need to deploy for an effective sound treatment. Based on this Recommendation, Roger placed an order for several of our ACM422 Suede Acoustic Panels in Black and placed them in key reflection points while maintaining aesthetic harmony with the rest of his decor. He also decided to go with the ECO Core Upgrade option on all his panels, since he was rightfully concerned about the presence of so much fiberglass around his dining customers, making his acoustic treatment 100% people and planet friendly. .

Customer’s Reaction: Not only was Mr. Yang very pleased with how seamlessly the panels blended with his decor, he also reports that the panels were effective above and beyond his expectations, and they truly made a difference noticeable enough to get numerous compliments from his regular diners.

Conclusion and Results: It’s easy to see why Mr. Yang is as pleased with his restaurant’s acoustics as he is. For a small investment, not only did he enhance his restaurant’s acoustics and improved its overall ambience, he also got it done while enhancing his space’s aesthetics.

Mr. Yang already had a great restaurant, with a beautiful decor, renowned for it’s delicious food. Acoustimac’s advice and acoustic treatment products helped make it even better.