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Acoustic Panels, Bass Traps & Acoustic Materials
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Store hours: M-F 8:00A-6:00P EST
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"When I moved into a new place, there was a basement room available for me to make a man cave media room. However, the acoustics sounded like you really WERE in a cave! The first thing I did was suspend 2'x2'x4" bass traps (covered in Castielle suede) from the ceiling in the upper trihedral corners. The back of the traps are only partially covered, so they can absorb sound reflected from the corners as well as sound coming from the front."Read More

"The acoustic wall panels I purchased from Acousticmac are by far some of the best I've used in the last 20 years of creating high quality listening spaces for myself and others. James at Acoustimac was great to deal with, patient and professional.."Read More

"I spent almost a year researching acoustic treatment for my theater room. I was set on getting some acoustic foam when I saw some threads talking about Owens Corning 703 and 705 being a better product. I could not find any locally so I went back online and that is when I found I must have called them at least 10 times ( I had a lots of questions) and each time they were very helpful. They answered all my questions patiently and never pressured me to buy.Read More

Hi there, I just wanted to say that after installing the the BT-4000C Suede Bass Traps and a BT –6000C Suede Bass Trap I was truly stunned at the improvement in my home theater! I have a big, problematic, open space multi purpose room and have been fighting a bass boom problem for about year now. . .Read More

"I was hoping to hear some improvements, but I could not believe just how much these helped! I have to say that I am officially a firm believer in room treatments!"Read More

"Just recently, I decided to complete a long time dream of building a real home theater. I spent hours designing and analyzing the space for line of sight distance reflections and aesthetics with a blank slate. I spent time online and in local theater stores looking at sound treatments and bass traps. Most of what I’ve found was online retailers who create ‘cookie cutter’ solutions and tried to show me why their solution was the best out of the box for home theater acoustics. Then I stumbled upon Acoustimac through Google and decided to call to see why their prices were so low, and what the difference was. . .Read More

"When I first thought about getting acoustic panels, I knew I needed to kill the echo in my 30x15 Home theater/Media room. I also knew I needed to have something that was safe. At the time no company was offering a Eco option. I searched around on the Internet and found many many great companies but all were very expensive.Read More

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