I'd like to share with anyone who may be interested in my experience with the products I bought from Acoustimac. First, let me share with you the review I just wrote for Trustpilot. "The five acoustic panels purchased for my audio system is by far one of the best audio upgrades I've had when compared to the money spent. Imaging, clarity, expression in voice and instruments are now on par with some of the best audio presentations I've ever experienced." Needless to say, I'm very happy those panels are in my home. Even though I picked a very simple charcoal color, the $350 investment makes my white barren great room look more like a media room. Not like a real fancy media room of course, but for only $350, the panels do give me more of a sense that I'm walking into a very serious home theatre, rather than just a room with a audio system installed. I have to thank Eric Harris helping me with the purchase over the phone, and for sending me the installation video that helped demonstrated how simple it is to place the panels on the wall. And of course, this email wouldn't be any good without images...so I've included some pictures on how the package looked when it arrived last week (Tuesday May 21st,) and how those panels now look on my walls. I'd also like to thank Jeff Meier from AccuCal https://www.accucalav.com/about-us/ who recommended Acoustimac, took measurements for me and suggested where the panels be placed.

Barney Kahn - Scottsdale, AZ