Topic: High End Salon Acoustics and Decor: Various Halls and Salon Spaces

Subject: Lawson Dale Beshears, Marie Lynn Studios for Luxe Avenue Salons & Spas, New York City NY.

Subject Description: Lawson had a vision of using his stunning high resolution photography decoratively in his client's high-end Salon, while also mitigating and improving the sound quality and reducing the noise levels in the salon's working space.

Being one of his most valued customer, Dale not only needed acoustic panels that would work effectively, but they needed to look really good as well..

Products Used: Dale ordered several shapes, styles and sizes of custom sized 1" thick art panels for the entire space. Some of these were made into collages on the wall yielding stunnig results. We were even able to do a 4-panel (2 row, 2 column) span with a detailed shot of the eiffel tower.

Customer’s Reaction: Dale and his client couldn't have been happier with the  results, not to mention the salon's customers got to enjoy a much nicer salon and spa experience both visually and aurally.


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