"After installing hardwood floors in my project studio the reverberation got so bad I couldn’t talk on the phone much less make a decent recording. I did a ton of research before I selected acoustimac.com to provide me with acoustic treatments. I selected them because I believe they provided hands down the best value I could find. First, the panels look great!

The sono-suede (castielle suede collection) is real acoustic fabric unlike the micro-suede offered by some of their competitors. It was professionally upholstered as well which was very important to me because these have to pass the wife test. Next, the panels were actually not difficult to mount. I was even able to hang them from the ceiling with the help of some eyehooks. Lastly the price was right. Acoustimac.com offers real package pricing that discounts their already extremely reasonable prices.

My project studio looks fantastic now and sounds even better. I couldn’t be happier and I would recommend Acoustimac.com to anyone. We even bought some panels to calm down the living room. I love em.

Jeff Baunet