"My name is Keith Daugherty and I live in the Austin/Round Rock Texas area and have had a small studio for about 5 years now. I started out not knowing much about recording and what all the factors were that determined good sound and good recordings.

"Over the past 5 years I have gradually had more time and resources to dedicate to the effort of having the best possible space within my capabilities. One thing I did much research on was quality of sound and acoustical properties of a room and how certain aspects of a room can be detrimental to overall sound and quality of recordings.

I am lucky enough to have room with few direct reflection points (lots of weird angles) but it still carried a lot of low bass frequencies and some mids as well. I fumbled through using foam bass traps and panels with little to no effect but did not realize how bad it was until I actually started learning what was really bad and what was really good.

Acoustimac saved my studio from the evils of ignorance. I went from a room with much potential but no life to a room with all the potential and all the life I can have given my smaller room dimensions. I have been recently told that it sounds like a big studio recording and that was with minimal mixing and schmutz. I still have some work to do to finalize the design and overall treatment so this is not a finished product yet.

All the folks at Acoustimac were very helpful and knowledgeable through the entire process. I sent them pics of my space and they took the time to talk me through many of my challenges and make initial recommendations.

Thank you Acoustimac!"
Keith Daugherty