Hi there, I just wanted to say that after installing the the BT-4000C Suede Bass Traps and a BT –6000C Suede Bass Trap I was truly stunned at the improvement in my home theater! I have a big, problematic, open space multi purpose room and have been fighting a bass boom problem for about year now.

I have been trying all different types of EQs, Bass Anti-mode devices, numerous speaker and sub placements all resulting in not a very meaningful improvement. And to be quite honest I was expecting some improvement in the room but not to the degree that I heard ...WOW!

After hanging the Acoustimac corner bass traps I started up a CD I had been listening to and had left in the player, with out any new EQ being done, the improvement I heard was jaw dropping, it was like the CD had turned into a SACD!...the boomy-nest was gone! But just as important the clarity and detail of the music was finally released from the muffle that had enveloped it before, I could hardly believe what I was hearing. The smile on my face was there for hours!

I have since EQed my room and was finally able to not have to incorporate the tone settings I was forced to use to try and tame the bass and increase the clarity. Now watching movies I can actually hear the dialog with out having to always fiddle with the center channel levels. I am now a firm believer in room treatments and will be spreading the many benefits they bring to anyone who has a home theater.

Sincerely, DeWayne Iverson.