"Just recently, I decided to complete a long time dream of building a real home theater. I spent hours designing and analyzing the space for line of sight distance reflections and aesthetics with a blank slate. I spent time online and in local theater stores looking at sound treatments and bass traps. Most of what I’ve found was online retailers who create ‘cookie cutter’ solutions and tried to show me why their solution was the best out of the box for home theater acoustics. Then I stumbled upon Acoustimac through Google and decided to call to see why their prices were so low, and what the difference was.

Sal was most helpful and helped me understand the differences between materials and the reasons why I should use them and where to use them. I decided to use the Acoustimac products and am very glad I did. Not only did I save literally thousands of dollars, I got results that the 'cookie cutter' guys simply could not produce. I am very happy with the DIY nature of the products. I was able to customize the shape and layout of my panels and create designs that simply were not possible from other online stores.

I can't recommend the people at Acoustimac high enough and if you are willing to invest a little extra time with your home theater sound project over the pre-fab panels from other stores, you can achieve superior results and create a space with superb home theater acoustics unlike any other.

Thanks for the great service!"
George Ortiz
Queens, NY.