"It always blows my mind when a client sets up a new studio or production room, spends tons of money on gear & mics, but neglects acoustics except for gluing some foam to the walls - and then calls me up wondering why his music doesn't translate outside the studio. It always takes a great sounding room to make great sounding music. Sal & his crew at Acoustimac have the knowledge & products that give me an edge over my competition.

From do-it-yourself products to complete bass traps, they have what you need at a price that won't break the bank. Most companies have a smoke & mirrors approach to acoustic treatment, they don't tell you what is in their products. I would have spent three times as much with big treatment companies, for the same OC 705 products Sal offers, plus he has over 30 colors, as opposed to grey, black, and beige! I can't recommend these guys highly enough. Taking down the foam & putting up their products was like taking cotton balls out of my ears! Especially if you are doing hip-hop, you gotta use treatment that tidies up the low end."

"Michael Kolar
Owner, SoundScape Studios: 773-904-7470