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Case Studies

  1. February 14, 2016

    Dale Beshears – Luxe Avenue Salons & Spas: New York City NY

    Lawson Beshears from Marie Lynn Studios had a vision of using his stunning high resolution photography decoratively in his client's high-end Salon, while also mitigating and improving the sound quality and reducing the noise levels in the salon's working space.

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  2. April 25, 2015

    Gwen Strouss – Novogradac & Co LLP. : San Francisco CA.

    Novogradac & Company LLP is a national certified public accounting and consulting firm, operating out of San Francisco, CA. with offices in several states. They offer audit, tax and consulting services to thousands of customers nationwide and have a long distinguished track record of service excellence. Gwendolyn Strouss, one of their administrative staff at their main office in San Francisco, (and one of my personal favorite customers to work with) was tasked with acquiring a form of custom printed acoustic treatment panel which would feature high resolution photography from several of their many projects.

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  3. April 25, 2015

    Michael Kolar - Soundscape Recordings : Chicago IL.

    Michael Kolar is a studio professional with over 15 years in the Industry. Well known in the Chicago Punk scene in the mid 90’s, he’s worked with names such as George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, as wells as Hip Hop artists such as Rhymefest, Vakill, Crucial Conflict and Juice. Soundscape Recordings is a fully equipped professional recording studio, geared with all the right amenities, equipment, and thanks to Acoustimac, studio grade acoustics.


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  4. April 25, 2015

    Joey Donovan, Donovan Audio Designs - First Baptist Church : Brandon Fl.

    Joey Donovan is a professional audio visual installer, with over 25 years of experience in the Industry and long-time acoustimac customer. The customer highlighted in this case study is the 1st Baptist Church of Brandon in Brandon FL.

    Mr. Donovan was tasked with improving the acoustics of their church worship hall. Donovan Audio Designs is a leading authority on acoustics and audio visual consultation in central florida with thousands of projects in his portfolio.

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  5. April 25, 2015

    Roger Yang – Kanji Steakhouse and Sushi : Tinton Falls NJ.

    Kanji Steakhouse and Sushi chef-owner Roger Yang founded Kanji Steakhouse in 2007 and since then has earned rave reviews from publications such as the Asbury Park Press, Zagat and Currents Magazine. They pride themselves in their excellent service, tasty food and comfortable atmosphere.

    Roger took on the task of improving his restaurant’s atmosphere even further by consulting with us about acoustic treatment for his restaurant in Tinton Falls New Jersey.

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  6. April 25, 2015

    Gavin Rasco – Mentoring Minds : Tyler TX.

    For over a decade, Mentoring Minds has been on the cutting edge of education, publishing educational material which promotes critical thinking and lifelong learning skills students will need in the 21st Century. Director of Knowledge Management, Gavin Rasco, set out to improve the acoustics in some of their conference rooms and office spaces known to have sound reflection problems, while at the same time using inspiring imagery to enhance their space's aesthetics.

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