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Home Theater Acoustics

You've got the big screen, you've got the amp and the speakers set up, you've even got the furniture and a popcorn machine, but there's still something missing? Even if you get the most state of the art speaker system and high tech playback devices, if your home theater room hasn't been acoustically treated, you've only got half the picture. Here at Acoustimac, you're sure to find the right materials and products to get the most out of your home theater setup.

Home Theater Acoustics Audio Visual Demonstration

*Sound effect for the above audiovisual demonstration is simulated. Special Thanks to Ryan Wieber, Michael "Dorkman" Scott and the rest of the crew at Blinding Light Productions for making this awesome short film!
See their video in full resolution at their website: or

Every Acoustimac Acoustic panel or sound absorber is hand-made with great attention to detail and the highest craftsmanship standards. Acoustimac is one of the few acoustic treatment manufacturers to offer ACOUSTIC ART PANELS which you display either your own custom art or anything from our Stock Image Art Gallery, which contains an entire category of images perfect for home theater setups. Don't forget to check out our home theater room packages, scroll down to see them below.

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Home Theater Room Packages:

  1. Acoustimac Home Theater Room Package XL
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  2. Acoustimac Home Theater Room Package III
    was $1,515.00 Special Price $1,439.25
  3. Acoustimac Home Theater Room Package II
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  4. Acoustimac Home Theater Room Package I
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